Monday, March 2, 2009

Violence in school and university.

Today, we were in shock in school, a teacher was stabbed in the back in a neighbouring school,  

Today, my friend SL emailled to tell me a professor was stabbed in a university where our  husbands used to be professors in Singapore.

A reader of my Pink Day in an article I recently read about color therapy, a clinical psychologist advocates using pink to quiet agression.
The article indicated the color pink (Baker-Miller pink) physically reduces aggressive behavior within minutes. And because of this find, many jails and prisons now have pink holding cells. The color pink decreases the need to restrain inmates with force or sedative medication.

Whoever came up with the idea about "Pink Shirt Day" must have known a thing or two about color therapy. Cheers to that person. S

Perhaps we should paint all our class rooms pink.

***Photograph courtesy New Zealand Herald***


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