Saturday, March 7, 2009

Dogs in Singapore

I am still a member of the Singapore NTU Cat Cafe.
Though I am thousands of miles away in New Zealand, my friend J keeps me in touch. In land scarce Singapore, Only people in private housing are allowed to keep any dogs. In the state aka HDB flats, residents can only keep toy dogs. Often people abandon dogs.
Our funniest or saddiest anecdote was when a bitch came to our neighbourhood in the university and had puppies. The residents became two camps, love them or loathe them. My young daughter G and her friends were the puppy lovers. The kids took milk from home to feed them, and bits of blankets to keep them warm. One day, when they came home from school, someone had reported the bitch and the puppies to SPCA. The kids were in tears, so were the adult dog lovers. The dog lovers were upset that they were not given a chance to find homes to adopt them. My daughter G will turn 21 this May. She is still very passionate about this issue of irresponsible dog owners.
You must click on this link. The puppies were so adorable. So were the puppies lovers.
Anyone with a private home and a big heart? The pup is a cutie. J

Subject: Rescued puppy for adoption
Date: Sat, 7 Mar 2009 18:52:06 +0800

Hi guys,

Someone rescued a puppy from Boonkeng area. Four others sibling of this puppy dissapeared.

Zaizai is a 3 mths old male puppy. The rescuer has been boarding him at an animal shelter after he was rescued months back. He has been checked by a vet, deflea and deworm. He gets along well with everyone, any cats or dogs.

Interested parties pls contact__________  Kahyong or ___________ Siaping for further enquiries. Adopters must be living in a private apartment and apply license for him, not HDB flats as he is not an approved breed and will grow to medium or large size. An adoption agreement also have to sign and to agree to sterilise him at 6 months old.

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