Wednesday, December 29, 2010

watery wednesday: Control tower


I was surprised to see a control tower at this Half Moon Bay mariner. I think this is for sea planes. The tower was where the beach was, and not far away I saw a wind sock.


I think Windsmoke is right. While this is a small marina compared to melbourne, there is a ferry service. Half Moon Bay Marina has operated one of the South Pacific's most comprehensive and advanced haulout facilities for boats up to 35 tonne displacement since 1970.

I asked my husband, the water engineer who designed part of the mariner and a shelter. The Tower controls all sorts of traffic like the ones in airport does. Usually a big mariner would have one. We joked yesterday while we were there, that while he designed mariners, he was too poor to be a sea dog. It is just as well, I get sick sea, otherwise I would nag him to get a boat.

The haulout facility at Half Moon Bay Marina employs a dedicated team utilizing the latest technology in boat handling equipment and procedures ensuring your vessel is lifted from the water with great care, high pressure washed, transported and supported on the hardstand with the minimum of fuss.

Once your boat is safely positioned on our sealed yard, fresh water and power is at your disposal close to hand.

The hardstand at Half Moon Bay Marina can accommodate over 100 boats at any one time and during the busy season (August-December) Travelift bookings through our Customer Service office are essential.


eileeninmd said...

Nice photo, is the airport so close? Happy New Years, Ann!

George said...

The control tower is interesting. I never thought about seaplanes needing a control tower.

Windsmoke. said...

There's a control tower in the Melbourne dock area it's purpose is to control all types of traffic around the docks area as well as arriving container ships without it murphy's law would happen.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Interesting, wonder what it's purpose is?

Betsy Banks Adams said...

Hmmmmm---that is interesting, Ann. A control tower, huh?????? I never would have thought of seaplanes needing a control tower... Great idea though.

Happy New Year.

Florence said...

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