Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Theme Song: Route 66

hootin--anni has a new meme.
IT'S ALL ABOUT MY NEW MEME THAT I HOPE SOME WILL FEEL LIKE JOINING IN ON THE CHALLENGE AND THE FUN [at least I hope the weekly challenge will be fun!]. It's loosely based on song lyrics [recorded songs since the beginning of time to today] and associating them with photos of yours...as I've done in the past...If you click on the link above, it'll take you to the Meme's Homepage for rules and buttons. There will be a Mr. Linky Widget for each individual week also. Do consider joining me sometime. Hope to see it flourish in time.
My friend gave me a Tee Shirt which says Route 66, and everytime, my husband wore it, people asked if he went to USA. When I saw this big American car, I thought of route 66. I also thought of Patti.

Nat King Cole: Route 66 Lyrics
word & lyrics by bobby troup)
This lyrics are like performed by natalie cole

If you ever plan to motor west,
Travel my way, take the highway that is best.
Get your kicks on route sixty-six.

It winds from chicago to la,
More than two thousand miles all the way.
Get your kicks on route sixty-six.

Now you go through saint looey
Joplin, missouri,
And oklahoma city is mighty pretty.
You see amarillo,
Gallup, new mexico,
Flagstaff, arizona.


George said...

You found a great car to go along with this song, which I remember very well.

Kay L. Davies said...

Love the Chevy, love the song, love Nat King Cole, and I've always wanted to drive the old Route 66. Now I think it's too late. As far as I know, parts of it aren't there any more. I snooze, I lose.
Happy 2011
-- K

Kay, Alberta, Canada
An Unfittie's Guide to Adventurous Travel

Windsmoke. said...

I'm a Ford man through and through so the chevy dosen't grab me. The best version of Route 66 is the bluesy version by The greatest rock 'n' roll band in the world The Rolling Stones, there ain't any better.

Hootin Anni said...

Oh, sweet sweet music. And terrific photos to go with the lyrics Ann.

Hope you have a safe and fun filled New Year's Eve!! And may 2011 be filled with happiness in each and every corner of your world.

MadSnapper said...

like that old car, my hubby loves old cars. about the tick tock of the clock, it drives me nuts. all clocks when i was a child ticked. my aunt had a big one that echoed over the whole two story house and chimed on the half and hour, i spent the night with her many times and that clock drove me nuts. once i bought a wind up alarm clock and when i wound it the ticking was keeping me a wake. no way to stop it until it ran down, i wrapped it and buried it under pillows so i could go to sleep

Dar said...

took a wrong turn once and ended up on Route 66...what a blast from the past
Love that Chevy.
BlessYourHeart and Happy New Year

Louis la Vache said...

Appropriately enough, the car is a 1966 Chevrolet!

«Louis» once lived in Amarillo, TX, through which Route 66 went.

«Louis» wishes you all the best this New Year and thanks you for all your contributions to Sunday Bridges.

HereBeDragons said...

Gotta love Route 66!