Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Watery Wednesday: Huka falls

For those of you who have been reading my blogs, you would have read that I am married to a water engineer. Water is his "bowl of rice" as the Chinese would say. When I told my adult ESOl students and my friends I went to the beach when it was freezing cold, my friends LOL.

I have just joined this meme, and it is my delight to show some of the water engineer's photos in New Zealand and from overseas.

We have been to the Huka falls many times. The fall never fall to amaze him. Once upon a time when he was doing his post graduate work, as a poor student, he couldn't afford a luxury resort. We slept under the stars in our little car at a little clearing near the Huka falls. There were a few other cars just as adventurous as us. These days, we are too old, and it isn't as safe as before. I demand we travel in style or not at all. LOL.



alicesg said...

Very interesting photos of the Huka falls. I would love to visit New Zealand one day. I am suppose to go on a vaccation but the flu spreading around this region is making me putting my travel plans on hold...sigh. I wondered if the flu situation would be out of control.

Glennis said...

Amazing falls, and you have such lovely memouries of the area, in the older days it would of been quite safe to just sleep in the car by side of road, isn't it sad that it no longer is so safe to do so.