Thursday, June 4, 2009



It was a spectacular rainbow.

These two photos show both ends of the same rainbow. I took the bottom photo as I was walking to my car after school. After I have driven quite a distance, I saw the other end. I stopped the car and out came my camera.

My grand dad told me never to point my finger at the rainbow, otherwise my finger will become bent. I chuckled to myself when I pointed my camera at the rainbow. I still would not point my finger to the rainbow. Old beliefs die hard.


Chef E said...

What nice photos, I never seem to capture a rainbow, and am always driving when I see one, so it could be dangerous, for the other drivers :)

Ruth said...

Rainbow always make us smile. I had never heard about pointing at a rainbow before...will have to remember that one.

Unknown said...

You captured a beautiful rainbow !!