Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Change The World Wednesdays ...

Change The World Wednesdays ....

This is what I just found out. Change the world Challenge.

Each Wednesday I'll post a green challenge. If you're willing to accept the challenge and accomplish the task within the next week, let me know in the comments section. Then, write a post on your blog, letting your readers know what the challenge is and ask them to also commit to the task.

Each Wednesday I'll post a new challenge and I'll also include a link to everyone who committed to the previous week's task.

My school is an enviro school. We had this water tank installed to collect rain to water our vegetable garden.


Unknown said...

Hi! Thank you, so much, for posting about "Change The World Wednesdays" ... and participating. Hopefully the word will reach a lot of people and then, perhaps, we really can change the world. :)

How great that your school has installed a rain barrel ... and has a vegetable garden. Teaching kids to be kind to the earth is really our best chance for the future. I'm hoping that someday all new construction will include water tanks for rain collection.

BTW ... thank you for following Reduce Footprints. I'm following this blog, as well, and have added it to my blog roll.

New challenge comes out in about 30 minutes (noon, eastern time).

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I love your blog, it's like inspirational to me.