Sunday, June 7, 2009



On June 6th, 1944, 65 years ago, the Allied landed in Normandy in an operation that saw control of France eventually won back from the Germans.

The Normandy Veterans' Association Honorary Life President David Christison said today's commemoration of D-Day is particularly significant. He said the parent body of the association in the UK has decided to disband after this year's 65th anniversary and most of the branches around the world will be doing the same.

Mr Christison said the most of the remaining 30 members here want to keep going, so they will still have commemorations after this year but probably not on such a grand scale as today.



My parents and grand parents livedthrough the war. We grew up listening to their war stories and how they survived. I don't believe it is glorifying the past, but I think children should be told.

My apologies to the Vets of WWI and WWII. The statue I posted here is from the WWI at Devonport.

I am reposting the plague in my school. Students and teachers of Pt Chevalier School had fought and died in WWII. On special occasions, we have a minute of reverence for them.


Bitsa Lit said...

Hello! long time, no typing lol! What great pictures! I love memorial things...they are so timeless. We have a few things like that here but there is more historical architecture than anything as its canadas oldest city...everything is ancient!

Ruth said...

It is good to remember the past. My parents told me their first hand experiences in the war years, but it becomes an fuzzy historical event for our children. There are so few veterans left.