Thursday, June 25, 2009

Skywatch@Friday: Rotorua Arches to the Museum.


As you enter the Government Museum Gardens, you go through these beautiful wooden arches known as the Princes Gate.

The totara ( a native giant New Zealand tree) arches at the intersection of Hinemoa Street and Fenton Street were built for the visit of the Duke and Duchess of Cornwall and York to Rotorua in 1901. The latticed timber frame held greenery and electric lights. The arches were designed to represent a crown. The structure was dismantled and re-erected at the entrance to the Government Gardens after the visit was over. It was threatened with demolition in 1974.

Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.


betty-NZ said...

I will have to put seeing that on the list of things to do on holiday! Thanks for posting it!

Joe Todd said...

Nice skywatch and change the world

Bitsa Lit said...

Im still kicking around lol..not gone for good!
The pictures on this page are beautiful I love the posts!
I too am guilty of shopping and forgetting my green bags but I use the plastic ones for picking up after my dog lol.
I was very interested in the Maori New year and really anything Maori....such a cool cultural group. I actually wrote my final paper on some Maori issues for a university class. Anywhoosie! Thought I would stop in and say HI!