Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Lower Nihotupu Dam


It was on the bitterly cold Queen's birthday Monday that the water engineer drove us to see this dam at  Laingholm in the Waitakeres mountain ranges.

I asked if he was paid to do this, and he cheekily said," Yes!"  I have been with him to see many many dams, and it was pointless to complain. You may be surprised that there were other visitors too.

The colour is dull because it was a wet windy day. I should go back on a fine day and photograph the cool clean water that we drink from.

Our water is the finest, I know because I have many foreign visitors. It is so good that I drink it straight from the tap.

Lower Nihotupu Dam was constructed between 1945 and 1948 and is one of ten dams the Watercare Services operates for water supply purposes. The water is pumped to a filter station at Titirangi and from there gravitates to Auckland. 

The plagues says it was opened in 1948, but it is so faded that you can't see clearly.

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