Saturday, June 20, 2009

Living with dyslexia

I spent this Saturday afternoon at a workshop on Dyslexia. It was organised by the http://www.dyslexiafoundation.org.nz/neil_mackays.html

The presenter was international dyslexia expert Neil MacKay. Mackay is an authority on dealing with dyslexia and developing inclusive practice for schools.

It is interesting to learn that Dyslexia is not a problem and it should not be labelled as it was in the past. How sad the world would be without inventors like Alexander Graham Bell,John Britten, Thomas Edison and Albert Einstein. Actors like Harry Belafonte, Tom Cruise, Whoopi Goldberg,Cher and Keanu Reeves. Where would we be without Leonardo da Vinci? The list goes on and on. According to the experts, there are 10% of the population who has dyslexia.

I did have a student who was dyslexic a few years ago. He told me how it hurt him to be called stupid by other students.


Ruth said...

I do think children with dyslexia need to be identified as it is a problem in our world where the written word is so important. They should not be labeled as stupid though.

gigi said...

I bet that was an interesting class. I wish I could have gone with you.

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