Saturday, June 13, 2009

Triumph 2000

This is not a big car by American Standards but on New Zealand roads, it can turn some people's head. It's a car made with  interior complete with wood veneer door cappings and dashboard .

The Prime Minister Rob Muldoon, in the 70s drove his private Triumph 2500 to work.

It has been commented on many, many times, that when the Triumph 2000 and Rover P6 exploded onto the scene, in 1963, they both revolutionised the luxury car market. Certainly, in the UK, things would never look the same again, as a 2-litre executive car could offer everything that the British middle manager could ever possibly need. At a stroke, the more cumbersome 3-litre opposition looked rather past their collective sell-by dates - the more efficient Triumph and Rover products showed that a bigger engine did not neccessarily lead to executive bliss. In the UK, a new market sector was effectively created, and executives never looked back - as they now had a choice of two young and dynamic products.


For you, Patty, a British made car.

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