Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thursday Theme Song: Winter Song

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IT'S ALL ABOUT MY NEW MEME THAT I HOPE SOME WILL FEEL LIKE JOINING IN ON THE CHALLENGE AND THE FUN [at least I hope the weekly challenge will be fun!]. It's loosely based on song lyrics [recorded songs since the beginning of time to today] and associating them with photos of yours...as I've done in the past...If you click on the link above, it'll take you to the Meme's Homepage for rules and buttons. There will be a Mr. Linky Widget for each individual week also. Do consider joining me sometime. Hope to see it flourish in time.
Severe snow, wind and rain is expected to continue to batter parts of the country. MetService said a bitterly cold southwest flow was expected to spread over the lower South Island with snow lowering to near sea level later today.

Southlanders already dealing with the effects of the weekend's storm were being urged to prepare for more snow and rain over the next two days.

My choice for this week: Dedicated to the New Zealanders living in Southland who are experiencing a chill wind of minus five degrees C.

Winter song
It's a cold, cold feeling
On a real lazy wind
That blows all the way trough you
And the autumn begins

How it cuts like a sabre
How it chills to the bone
You've got cold feet and fingers
And you're thinking of home

If I put my arms around you
Turn you in from the storm
From your autumn through winter
Darling I'll keep you warm

My overcoat's empty
Deep, wide and long
I got room for you darling
till your winter, till your winter has gone

Artist(Band):Chris Rea


Hootin Anni said...

BRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! I'm much prefer you and I on the bayfront yachts and sipping the bubbly!

Your photos and song choice is excellent once again.

Happy Thursday.

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi Ann...here in NC we have had a very HOT HOT HOT and DRY summer....these pictures are very refreshing. We aren't familiar with the song but we like it.
Madi and MOm

James said...

It's been a hot Summer here but today is the start of Autumn so it won't be long before I see snow. I hope we don't get that much even though it is beautiful.

The colorful chalk markings in my photo were probably made by city workers. There are lots and lots of pipes and wires under the streets of NYC.

EG CameraGirl said...

I have to say that your blog is one of the LAST places I would expect to see snow! :)

Ginny Hartzler said...

Wow!! The snow you have looks like the four feet we got last year! The song has good words, but the video doesn't show any cold scenes or snow!! Only cars, how strange.

SquirrelQueen said...

I have to agree with Anni on the brrr! Just looking at all that snow made me shiver, it reminds me of living in Alaska.

Great photos and I really like the song.

Through Squirrel Eyes

George said...

We need rain here in Tennessee, but I wouldn't want to get our moisture through snow like the storm you got. 'Winter Song' seems very appropriate for the weather you've had.

Roan said...

I'm not familiar with the song, but enjoyed it along with your gorgeous photos! Our winter will soon be here, not looking forward to scooping snow and scraping windshields to get to work. ;(

Junneth said...

Wow my 4 seasons experience is almost complete through the songs I sing! I have autumn, summer now this winter...so freezing! I am now your follower Ann!

Anonymous said...

WOW...that looks real cold. The photos and music go so well with each other. Very nice :) Have a great weekend :)

Jama said...

I don't mind the snow to escape out heat here but I can't tahan the severe coldness sometimes even all bundled up! Just looking at your photos just give me the chill.