Friday, September 10, 2010

Skywatch Friday: Rain


It is 10.30am,
It is supposed to be Spring,
But it is cold,
It is drizzling.
We just had an earthquake in our country.
There is nothing to laugh about.

Every Saturday,
When I walk past this Indian temple,
There are bursts of laughter.
I remember the laughing clubs in Singapore.
They meet at the beach
They laugh loudly.
I am skeptical.
How can people laugh for no reason?
I don't even laugh at Mr. Bean's jokes.

But apparently,
People who go to these laughing clubs,
Seriously believe in the benefits.
As a kid,
I read in the Readers' Digest,
Laughter is the best medicine.
May be I should pluck up my courage,
And join them, and chuckle away.

Do look at this video, it is choreographed very nicely, especially at the end. You don't have to laugh. I didn't.

The story of Laughter Yoga starts in 1995, when Doctor Madan Kataria, a GP with a practice in Mumbai, India, was reviewing the considerable body of medical research which established the broad-ranging benefits of laughter. These benefits were not simply a sense of 'feeling good', there were measurable improvements to physical, mental and emotional states for people who laughed often.


LV said...

Sometimes it is hard to find anything to laugh about. However, in the worst of times, we must go forward and look for the brighter side of life. Glad you came by for a visit.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Well, first, the picture is amazing! The shape of the bare branches in front of the temple, very subdued colors that look black and white, but on closer look, really aren't, beautiful! The video is so interesting! Not funny, but the circles of women in pink saris are beautiful. Can you be said to be really laughing if there is nothing funny? I think not, it is all just pretend. But I guess it's harmless enough!

SquirrelQueen said...

A very interesting video, I have never heard of laughter clubs. Our moods do affect our health so maybe there is something to it.

Coffeeveggie addict. said...

I do always smile and its necessary f0r my j0b chinese pe0ple likes their employees to smile always they believed it brings g0odluck if im happy I can still smile but never laugh because laughing is different thing f0r me,y0ur sky ph0t0 just matches y0ur c0mp0siti0n.

Rajesh said...

great shot through leafless tree.

Francisca said...

I don't need the Laughter Club... people come to me for laughter. For me, a day is not complete without at least three good belly laughs... And although I don't think I could just laugh on cue like the people in the video, laughter IS infectious and watching them makes me at least smile. And did you know, you can't think anything negative while you genuinely smile? So lighten up... laugh.

[The man with the spade in my photo probably was on his way home from the rice fields. Mindoro is an agricultural province.]

Cherry said...

haha! i don't laugh at Mr Bean's antics too.
heard about this laugh yoga before and it sure sounds fun. all you need to do is laugh your heart out. :)

NatureFootstep said...

we have the same grey weather, but we have autumn, not spring :(

Al said...

Those skies are incredibly gray, you can see the rain falling! I love the way you captured the tree in front of the temple. I love laughing, although I don't do so nearly enough any more.

George said...

I didn't realize there were such things as laughter clubs. I imagine they could be helpful.
I hope you soon have more Spring-like weather.

Unknown said...

Join them and tell us your experience :)

Unknown said...

Lovely composition. The bare tree in front of the Hindu building looks great.