Saturday, September 25, 2010

scenic sunday: Dog walk and fun day

Champ Wag 'n Walk 2010

Sunday 26th September
Windsor Reserve, Devonport, Auckland
Official Charity of the Champ Wag 'n Walk for 2010 is Paw JusticeEDUCATION- ADVOCACY- POSITIVE ACTION


Paw Justice is an organization that was formed to help deal with the problems of animal abuse and neglect, which has grown at an alarming rate which is stretching the resources of all animal welfare agencies. We have taken upon ourselves to fight for your animal's rights. We love and appreciate the work that is done by all animal shelters but even they could not forsee the rapid increase in animal abuse within our society.

This is why Paw Justice was created, as we believe that there is no excuse for this shocking behavior.
Paw justice is for YOUR pet, this is YOUR campaign to give YOUR pet a voice.
Champ Puppy Reunion
This year for the first time we will have a designated area for you to reconnect with your puppy siblings. It's as easy as choosing a meeting time for your group, setting up an event or joining someone else's on Facebook.

I was at Windsor Reserve in Devonport today and saw the preparation for tomorrow. Looks that it is a very big thing, and the logistics of it all is overwhelming. I asked a couple of workers what the occasion was for and one of them gave me a brochure.

Dogs get a free bowl and free food when they enter.

However, on behalf of all the cats, I want to say," What about me? Isn't paw Justice for me too?" LOL.

Click on this link for tonight (Sunday's news.)


rainfield61 said...

I do not like cats, simply because they always pass urine on the windscreen of my car.

Al said...

That does sound like fun. My dog is always a little nervous around large dogs so I wouldn't take him to an event like that.

Ginny Hartzler said...

Great pictures of the setup and the event. Are you a member of Paw Justice? Do you have dogs? And you are right, do they have similar events for cats and other pets? Well, O.K., cats don't need walked, but they could have another kind of day for them.

Gattina said...

What a nice organization ! I had to laugh about rainfield's comment of the urine "passing" cats, lol !

George said...

I agree that it took a lot of preparation to get ready for this event. But it certainly sounds worth-while, so I'm glad there are a lot of sponsors.

Eden said...

What a great event! Great photos. Love the dogs in the pictures. The first photo reminds me of our dog who is not with us anymore.

ruma said...

The dogs are pretty. . .

Thank you.

eileeninmd said...

Great post and photos. My dog would love this park.