Friday, September 21, 2012

NTU Yunnan gardens

These Chinese structures are icons, and for a long time, Malaysian are not allowed to visit China. Coming to these Yunnan Garden served to kill two birds with one stone. They were in the university they funded, and they got a feel of China. I felt the same too, as I am 4th generations removed from China, and this is the closest I been to China.
Today, in Singapore, they have NTU, Nanyang Technological University. It was originally privately raised by the Chinese people of South East Asia, including my grand parents. When I was growing up in Borneo, my grand parents and parents donated to build the Chinese University outside China. I was told that many of our Chinese ancestors owned a brick. We teased our grand dad if they gave him a number and the coordinates of his brick.

The Nanyang university of Singapore transitioned from a Chinese University to an ultra modern one funded by the Government.

When the Water Engineer went to teach in the University in 1990, it became NTI and then NTU, a fully fledged university. To date, of all the children in the Chan clan, only my daughter D attended the university. I spent sixteen of my adult years here, and the best thing is I made many friends from all over the world.


Nefertiti said...

Magnifique ces toits.

bon w end ;o)

genie said...

Ann...What a wonderful piece of your history. I loved the part about your granddaddy and the coordinates. You asked about my goldfish. They go to goldfish heaven when the little ponds freeze over. If they were deep and we could crack through the ice on the top they night survive. We get new ones each year at the fish store. genie