Thursday, December 3, 2009

Sky Watch Friday: Who stole our summer from the cookie jar?


December 1st was officially our first day of summer. It seems that the Grinch has stolen our summer. For the last few days, we had 100% humidity, a sudden heavy downpour in the mid day yesterday, and it is freezing cold today. There was non stop rain.

Severe storm warning in the north as wild weather continues, my collegue rode his motorbike across the Harbour Bridge and said, there was gale warning.

A severe storm watch is in place for Auckland, Northland and Great Barrier Island, with 430 lightning strikes detected in the last hour. 30 mm of rain is falling in an hour and hail was expected to fall this afternoon.

You couldn't see the volcanoes as the clouds were very low and gray.


Anonymous said...

You have a nice sky. I thought you would also have the same moon that I got.

Brookville Daily Photo

Joe Todd said...

Our skies do look a lot alike A little scary but beautiful

eileeninmd said...

We are having similiar skies today. Maybe our first snow tomorrow. Happy skywatching!

eden said...

That is a nice cloud shot. WE have a blue sky today with scattered clouds.I think our temperature today is over 30 degrees C.

Have a good weekend