Sunday, December 20, 2009

Mellow Yellow : Big truck

When Sam was little, he loved trucks, and he learned his numbers by counting the number of wheels. We would sit at the bus stops and look at the trucks go by. I too got interested in the big trucks that go vroom! vroom! vroom!

Now, I am looking for a MACK. I told Ed that I have been looking for a MACK for a long time. My ESL adult student calls himself MACK.

I asked ." Is it Mike?"
He said," No!"
I asked," Is it Mick?"
He started feeling irritable," No!"
I asked," Is it Mitch?" thinking of David Hasselhoff
He said," NO!!!! It is MACK, I saw it in a American Magazine."
The next class, he brought the magazine. He gave it to me. It was a trucking magazine/catalogue.
There was his MACK. Proud and strong.
I said," Very Macho!" I should never have doubted him.

This photo is not a MACK, I think here in Auckland, there are very few MACKS. I have seen only 2, and each time, I was about to whip up my camera, the Macho MACK had gone.

I am still looking for a MACK!

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