Saturday, November 28, 2009

ABC Wednesday: Letter T. for toilet


Gattina and a group of cat lovers have a meme on Cat stories. When I saw her header photo of the cute cat on the toilet, I LOL to myself and remembered my mum and our house cats.

That photo showing the hole on the floor found in the East. It is a toilet. Most of the older houses would have this. I was lucky in some of the houses I lived in, we had both kinds. Those of you who have been to the East have encountered this hole on the floor of the toilet.

My older friends often joked that it was impossible to squat and then get up again. Even among the youngsters, they avoid using this hole. I was at Mulu caves when I was with a group of British students who were going to climb the pinnacles. They didn't want to use the hole, and would rather wait for the sole sitting toilet. My born in New Zealand girls found themselves in the same predicament

The hole was my mum's cat toilet training success story. The cats we had didn't need a litterbox. When they were kitten, she got them to poo in the hole. Mum was so clever. Of course, this method won't work with the sitting toilet especially if you put the lid down.


alicesg said...

Hahaha, that's cute. I remembered my friend's cat was trained to use the squat toilet too.

Gattina said...

You know it still exists in some countries over here, but not very much for example in South of France or Italy. I also found these toilets everywhere in Turkey, where they are still used normally. I think it's quite difficult for elderly ladies, lol !
Of course now I remember your cat café !! I think my brain was a little burnt out by the Egyptian sun !

Carolyn Ford said...

Oh yes...the toilets of the East! I got to know them well in Korea and Japan! Sometimes, you just can't wait for anything better than that! HA! I found the ones in Japan at least have a rail to hold on to...in most places. That helps the "getting back up" stage and helps keep you from falling in! UGH!

flowerweaver said...

My parents who once lived in Japan (where I was conceived) told me about these, but this is the first hole toilet I have seen. How does it flush? I have a toilet in my post as well. That is a funny story about training the kitten!

Holly said...

I'd have a problem with the hole in the floor!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Great T photo! and your Mums cat story was very clever! :)

Ann, Chen Jie Xue 陈洁雪 said...

The tank is usually above your head. There is a lever, and then either a chain or a rope attached for you to pull the flush mechanism.

Alice would remember, often the chain or rope is too high up for children to reach. You will have to imagine the rest.

or sometimes, the rope or chain is broken off. Not very pleasant as well.

In Singapore, most public toilets charge you a small token to use it. I don't mind if they are clean, but they are not in most cases.

Jama said...

I always have trouble using the squatting down toilet, mine are all the sitting down type. What I hate about the squatting down toilet in Malaysia is the floor tend to be wet.