Monday, November 2, 2009

My world Tuesday: The Gannets of Muriwai


These birds are our most faithful migrants. They make the incredible 3000 kilometere journey here every year from Australia in August, mate and hatch their chicks. Then they fly across the Tasman sea back to Australia. It is a long flight from Australia, some sadly don't make it. I saw a few which have arrived in New Zealand, but succumbed and died.

Round about Easter they make their return flight. Some of them are left behind, and they too never get to see Australia again.

We visit Muriwai at different times when they are here. First we see them do the mating dance, then see them sitting on the eggs, and the chicks and finally to farewell them.


Jama said...

That's such a long journey they have to endure!

Anonymous said...

Wow!!! The shots are amazing; only outdone by the incredible journey / flights the birds have to make.

Just an observation: animals who move back and forth annually, we call "migrants" as in migratory birds. But people who move ONCE, and don't go back and forth - we call them "migrants" also. Not quite the same, is it? Mmm...

maryt/theteach said...

Wow, Ann, your photos are beautiful! I have a MWT post up here