Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Watery Wednesday: Water weeds


Found at a slow flowing drain at Mt Albert Grammar school are these water weeds.

When I was a teenager, we kept free range ducks. Mum made my sister and I go to the neighbouring drain next to the main road to collect these weeds to feed the ducks. We always went when it was time for the men to come back from work. As a teenager, I was very embarrassed and when people asked what I was doing with the weeds, I tell them it was for our fish tank. I used to wonder why Mum told us to go at that time. My siblings and I discussed this, then we remember that we had to do our homework in the afternoon, and in tropical Borneo, it was very hot. So we went only when the sun had gone down when it was less hot, and of course, it also coincided to when the people were coming home from work.

Today, one would regard Mum as an organic farmer.

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