Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thursday Challenge for fun and learning

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I took my 13 year old son to Mulu caves in Borneo. He had a lot of fun and learnt a lot. It was a fun Mum and Son time, we joked it was our own amazing race. As it was winter when we left New Zealand, Sam had a hard time coping with the heat and humidity.

While we were there, we met a group of students from London. They were going to Bario.

In Mulu, Sam and a group of kids enjoyed shooting a target from the blow pipe.

Like the boy in the dug out canoe, Sam enjoyed boat rides for the first time in his life.


Anonymous said...

I think my son would love to have an opportunity to visit a cave like this too! Wonderful photos!

Anonymous said...

What a great experience for your son. You sound like such a good mom!

Jama said...

Borneo is a very interesting country, hopefully I get a change to visit it one day.

Naturegirl said...

Wonderful memories for you and son!
Thank you for taking the time to drop by my blog linking from Arija's!Nice to meet you!

Ruth said...

I think this will be one of his great memories, so nice.

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