Monday, November 9, 2009

Save the world: use natural material


Aren't these pieces beautiful Maori Art? I saw these hanging at a wall at the Huhu restaurant in Waitomo. The rosettes are made of New Zealand Native flax. The flax is used to make many things like baskets, skirts, and souvenir gifts.

What about buying a Hapene and save the world instead of buying plastic?

Hapene™ is a unique net-like textile made from the leaf of the New Zealand flax plant or Harakeke. Aesthetically beautiful and entirely natural, Hapene™ is exclusively New Zealand designed and manufactured, using a patented method which releases the muka, or fibre, within the leaf.



these stuff are beautiful and more than useful,
I suppose!

WallaceMiddleSchool said...

That artwork is splendid.