Friday, November 13, 2009

Fertilizer Friday, sanderiana ribbon-plant. aka Goddess of Mercy Bamboo

The Chinese call this bamboo, Goddess of Mercy Bamboo. Worhippers do what you do, leave them in a vase, and the bamboo will be a permanent fixture. The worshippers believe that she is a vegetarian, so they offer plants and flowers and fruits as an offering. (I should post a photo taken from my sister in law's house.)


When I was in Singapore, it was very artistic to use just cuttings without leaves and put them in a vase as a decor. In time, the new shoot grow. I experimented with this and the photo is the result. I also grew a lot of then in the gardening club allotment. I plant them for fun.


I was chatting with queenmothermamaw when I saw she has the same bamboo in Kentucky.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you Ann for posting the bamboo for me. I will try to make sure I don't let the water get too bad. I am anxious to see how big the bamboo will get. Blessings to you