Wednesday, November 25, 2009

abc wednesday: Letter S for sculptor and sculpture


Last month, when I was at the Parnel Rose garden festival, I was attracted by the sculptures and the sculptor busy at work. As he was busy, I did not make him stop to chat with me as I did with Alan Pitts and Abdul-Satar A. Jawad. I took his photo for this post.

Here is New Zealand Uenuku Hawira at work. The Ponga is a big fern tree.


New Zealand Ponga carved into sculptures by artist Uenuku Hawira. Utilising inspiration from his family and travels, then fusing it with a firey passion for art and design.

Uenuku exhibits his sculptures at many different outdoor markets and events throughout New Zealand, usually demonstrating his carving live for all.


Roger Owen Green said...

I'd hate doing my craft publicly like that, personally.

Sylvia K said...

I have to agree with Roger, I'd have trouble doing "my" thing publicly, but I think it's great if there are those who can! Great post!