Friday, August 28, 2009

Skywatch Friday: Onehunga Boardwalk


New Zealand is very fortunate to have lots of trees and good brains to reforest when we cut them down.

Where once, it was impossible to go because of swamps and mud, there are now boardwalks. You don't need gum boots or get muddy feet to enjoy some of our beaches.

This one at Onehunga is a very wide one, wide enough even for cars to go on, (of course, it is not for cars.) People walk and cycle on the boardwalk, and look on to the Mangere bridge. The vegetation is mangrove, and when I went last month, the mangrove were blooming. There were a lot of other flowers too.

The sky was a beautiful clear blue with some clouds. It was also a very cold afternoon.


Susan Ellis said...

Hi Ann thanks for visiting my blog - you have some great photos here!

alicesg said...

Oh lovely photos. Love the way you capture the shadow of the fences. Glad you visited the new malls when you last visited Singapore. Have a nice weekend, Ann.

Pearl Maple said...

Fantastic photo of the boardwalk, it just draws you in. Always enjoy the different skies that people find the share with us each Friday.

Thanks for visiting our blog earlier. I have been to Windsor but not lived there myself.