Friday, August 28, 2009

Scenic Sunday:3 wheel motor cycle

A short day trip to Manukau city in the South Auckland bagged me this beauty. I wasn't the only one admiring it. There were a couple of men who looked as though they had served the war and perhaps had rode one of this or would like to have rode one.

I would love to be wearing goggles and a white silk scarf and be the back seat passenger.

Do you know if there is a special name for this three-wheeler?


Unknown said...

This machine look interesting & must be powerful:)
Thanks for the greeting anyway Malaysia celebration in small scale this year due to H1N1 & haze.
Thanks again for droping by.

kbguy said...

That machine belong to Batman or Robin ?
Sri Kebakat is the name of my kampung/village. Very remote in Kelantan. But you can know a bit from the 'about me'.
Anyway, I have 22 days annual leave. So I have to spread out my off days to go for cheap backpacked tour. Now a days Airasia and Malaysia Airline is competing. So that benefit us as the passengers. That is also the reason why I can afford to go for holidays nowadays. But there are risk factors too. Example is 'H1N1'. So I have to take precaution in the plane and public places. Just for your info, I booked flight 'airaisa' for the whole family of 5 from Kuala Lumpur to Chengdu, China for a total price of RM$1,500.00 to-and-fro all in. Isn't it cheap ? When economy is good, going overseas are only for the rich. I am a poor man. Hope airasia got flight to NZ too someday.


Unknown said...

Ha ! ha! ha ! 22 days leave annual leave is not a VIP job. Most corporate companies offer as a fringe benefit to all executive staffs over here. Clerks get about 14 days and more depending on their years of services. A friend from France says they have 3 months off every year. That's even longer. What about NZ ?
I may consider airasia to aust, than fly to NZ, some day. I have to earn my leave first.