Monday, August 31, 2009

Cell Phone Towers Protest.

Just last week, I did a post on electric pylon towers and how people living underneath it can get cancer from it.

Now, I have something closer to home. Telecom have resource consent to build a 12m cell phone tower just 120meters from my school, and 60 meters from a tennis club and playgroup. There had been no consultation with the residents or me, a teacher of the school.

There are numerous studies of the effects and health risks of cell phone towers. Some contend that there are no health risks, while other reports consider there to be unacceptable health risks.

There are grave concerns about the potential health risks posed by radiation of the proposed cell phone tower. The general opinion of cell phone towers is that they are not without health risks.

Support for the No More Cell Phones Towers have drummed up support and there will be a public meeting in my School. Pt Chevalier School in the Auditorium on Thursday, 3rd Sept at 7.30pm. Our local newly elected MP David Shearer will be there to hear the concerns of the residents and parents.

Here are my students and their dad Alan Wild canvasing support.

Thirty five years ago, I participated in my first ever protest march in Windosr, Canada. I have other commitments on Thursday, and this is my part in raising awareness.

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Jama said...

Most of our phone towers are located in highrise building, I know there's one just opposite my building.