Monday, August 10, 2009

Blessing Our New Classrooms

Our School constructed new classrooms. This morning, we had a blessing ceremony.After speeches and songs in the auditorium, each class had a representative to accompany the official group, led by the Chief, Kaumatua John Komene, to bless the rooms. It was a Maori blessing, and the guest and children were asked to blow their spirits into the empty classrooms to give them warmth and peace.

I remember only last month, when Sam and I took the Royal Brunei Airline. They started their flight with a blessing as well.

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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

You asked about a cholla rainstick on my blog. A cholla is a cactus that can grow about 7 feet tall. When it dies, the green flesh dries and falls off, leaving behind the woody center. Native American Indians would take that woody center, fill it with beans, seal up both ends and create a homemade 'rain stick' for their ceremonies. When a rain stick is placed on either end, all the beans, slide down inside, making a pleasing tinkling and swooshing sound, not unlike the sound of rain.

New Mexico, USA