Tuesday, August 11, 2009

http://abcwednesdayround5.: Letter D :dead fish


I work with children and sometimes it is refreshing to come down to their level and think like them. Often they come up with ideas you don't normally think.

I was accompanying some of my school children to study about the beach and the environment. The students spotted this fish skeleton caught in two rocks.

The students wanted to know how the fish got there, did it die because it was trapped after the tide went out or did it die because of toxic waste. Would we have died if we ate the fish. Questions, questions and more questions. Then they wanted to take it back much to the aghast of their class teacher.

I told them, I will snap a photo for them.


Glennis said...

The fish skelaton was a great find.

Q said...

I just love children and the way they think...beginner's mind is refreshing.

photowannabe said...

Terrific choice. I love the inquiring minds of kids. Probably you or I would have ignored the skeleton but I'm glad you didn't.

Sylvia K said...

Children always have a marvelous take on most everything I discovered when I was teaching. This is a great example! Terrific photo!


Roger Owen Green said...

always explain to children; good job