Sunday, August 23, 2009

Scenic Sunday: Waitakere Dam


The water engineer combines work with leisure. On weekends, he takes us out to the bush to see things related to his work, or work he had done. On this ocassion, he took us to the Waitakere Ranges where there are many dams.

It seems to me that we walked miles and miles to see the dam and hear the thunderous sound of the flowing water. The walk ia actually very pleasant and I saw a lot of birds, and native plants. The bonus, I took many many photos.

The Waitakere Dam is one of the oldest water reservoirs in the Auckland area. The reservior supply my water and it is so pure that I drink water straight from the tap or faucet as my friends from Americas call it.


betty-NZ said...

Isn't it a great thing to have someone that can take you to see things that are 'not on the beaten path'? I bet that was an awesome sight when you finally got there.

Baruch said...

Nicely taken - Interesting info

The Explorer said...

It seems that those dam are scenic view

Here is my post.

Garden View Inside Eastwood City

Unknown said...

that dam is quite lovely, not just a slab of concrete thrown up. The lush vegetation makes it more appealing, too.