Monday, November 5, 2012

Yellow Mellow: Thai Massage Clinic

The Thais love their elephants and they revere their king.

The chrysanthemum flower is called kek-huai in Thai.

Cassia fistula or  the golden shower tree  is the national tree of Thailand, and its flower is Thailand's national flower.
I tell my friends, I don't go shopping, I don't do facials, I don't go for breakfast, I don't go for High teas. But there is one thing I go for, I go for massages.

 All sorts of massages, the medical physiotherapy, Chinese Tui Na , acupuncture, Nab Sa, cupping, Swedish Massage,S Japanese Shiatsu, Indonesia Urut, Malay Urut, and Thai Nuad Boram.

It could be a luxury for many. For me, it is therapeutic  I have chronic pain in my neck and lower back. I was in my first year at Auckland University, my neck became very sore. The more the hospital physiotherapist worked on me, the worst It got. The specialist explained from my x rays that 2 bones in my back and lower back were loose, but it couldn't be fixed by a chiropractor.

The pain stopped when I finished university. When I was working, when there was urgent work to be rushed at the end of the month. The pain came back. Now, I am crazy on the computer, the pain come back.

I just came back from the Thai Massage Clinic. I told her I prefer strong pressure because the gentle Thai Massage in Bangkok and Singapore didn't work for me. She said, you should tell your Therapist how you like it.

So I told her I like it hard. I lie on the massage table, and looked into the "hole" I saw a tray of flowers. Lotus . That's nice, it was the first time, I had been to one with flowers. So nice to look at flowers for a change, instead of looking at the floor.

Lotus, and Frangipanis.

Hard, I said, and hard I got. She was walking all over my back. My brother Joseph had told me before about this. He said he was the best. I agree with him. I asked ,"Are you stepping on me." "Yes, that's Hong Kong method." It was good. In fact it was really good. I looked up the ceiling, I saw the frame, I didn't have to worry that she would fall on me. I trusted Joseph, he is a lawyer.

She had my eyes covered all the time, a hot water at different place, Her lubricant oil was warm. She didn't talk to me, which is fantastic. Some therapists talk too much, and it no longer become relaxing.

It was a good session. She gave me a cup of warm sweet tea. I forgot to ask if it is was kek-huai which is chrysanthemum or mum to the Americans.

I told her, I will post this on blogger and Facebook. I really liked the session. (This is not a paid review)

Thai Massage Clinic

Contact:  09-849 2493
14 Dignan St Point Chevalier Auckland 1022



Dorothy said...

That makes me want to go have a massage right now! My back has been bothering me lately. You know, I've never had a message!

Anonymous said...

What lovely flowers! My back could do with a massage too.

eileeninmd said...

The elephant is pretty and I love the flowers and the golden shower tree, it is beautiful. I would love to go for a massage, I've never had one. I am sure it would feel wonderful. Thanks for sharing, great post. Have a wonderful day!

Unknown said...

Mmm ... I love massages. Your post reminded me that the gift of a massage would be lovely for anyone ... and it's very Eco-friendly! Thanks, Ann!

Anonymous said...

Great massages and great service. This place is highly recommended!!

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