Sunday, November 18, 2012

Yellow: cooking with gas at a longhouse.

 This lovely Iban aka Sea Dayak woman sits on the mat cover floor as she demonstrates cooking her tradition cake. She was cooking for the hungry ones during the Kai Chung Reunion. I promise you, I will find the name of these  Longhouse.
 She deep fries the cake in a wok heated by a potable gas stove.
 Here it it, the guests couldn't wait to sink their teeth into them.
 Close up, ( I need to ask the name.) I was fuelled by adrenaline,  and euphoria. I didn't eat any.
 Shameless me, I asked to be photographed flanked between two beauties,  I learn that Awa goes to the school I also taught. Sekolah Menanga Binatang. It has a name change. I taught there for 1 month, then I went to New Zealand. If you have been following my posts, you will have posts I have been like a rolling stone.
Awa with her mum, I told her I could be your teacher. All the seniors , 1978. I wonder where they are. They taught me a lot of Iban Ethnic traditions.

The food was traditional, organic, but this person was busy talking and dancing and taking photos.

 I have one regret, I didn't buy a costume that Awa  was wearing. I don't know when I will make a trip again.

Betty Anggat Ann Chin, this is called Kuih Penyaram.

Made from rice flour, plain flour, sugar, gula melaka and water. Mix together and deep fry. 

The History of the Longhouse. please click to enlarge to read the document. My frined Francis Chen kindly sent it to me. Thanks and also to the author.



Liz said...

Interesting photos. I love the headdress and their colorful dress. Have a fabulous week.

Liz @ MLC
Liz @ YACB

Lew said...

Interesting portable kitchen. The food looks delicious! Here we have food vendors who travel to fairs with trailers or tents and prepare and sell there food.

You asked questions on my recent reflections posts. The cat was watching the squirrels outside. On the previous post the tall building with the reflecting windows has two walls that make a right angle so if you stand where you see both walls, the windows reflect each other (and the other buildings nearby).