Saturday, November 17, 2012

Photohunt: Mural

Once, I was parking my car and I met two handsome artists. They make a living doing Graffiti Art. They are sponsored by the building they do their art. Their art is beautiful.
Sadly, a few years later, the wall was repainted back to dull white. I was told, when there is a piece of mural, the taggers have a code, not to deface it.



eileeninmd said...

Great capture of the mural being painted. Sad to see some have to deface beautiful art. Have a great weekend, Ann!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful mural - shame it has been covered up. SIGH

Have a super weekend!

Unknown said...

it's great that taggers have a code not to deface somebody's art. i wonder if it's the same here.:p

great find for the theme.

ancient one said...

Perfect shot for the theme... I love all art and murals are things that really catch my eye...

Vicki said...

Very nice and it seems to be an unspoken rule, the murals and graffiti murals in my area don't get defaced by other painters.

My murals are at http://hindmarsh-island.com/?p=944