Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ABC letter R: Relatives, Rooster, Roast, Rubbish

Now this is a real story, we have 2 lawyers to vouch for it. My Mum's STUD rooster was so handsome, my crazy little brother J used to hug it and called it his pet. It was really so handsome. Some 2 men came from afar, and offered my mum $500.

Mum was so pleased, this KAI KUNG  aka rooster  to get $500. He could easily be replaced by another stud.  But my little brother J hug his rooster and started crying and wouldn't let go of it. The two men went empty handed. 
The next day, me, the chicken and duck feeder found the rooster, no longer pretty. " Ah Ma, Ah Ma, the rooster is dead." 

 U don't need to be a rocket  scientist, how a perfectly handsome rooster chasing all the hens one day could be dead the next day. My Ah Ma didn't know to be angry with my brother and scold him so we had to bye bye $500 which was very big then,in the 1960s or to be glad she didn't sell it because J would forever blame her for selling it for $500.

So my two brothers became lawyers to fight the bad guys and send them to jail.

Photo: This is for Ah Leng, Lynn Wong my Kai Sister, as she celebrates the wonderful job her son Antony has done. It is also to entice him to come to visit me when he is up here in Auck Uni.

This is a roast leg of pork. When my relatives came, I roasted a roast leg of lamb.

I teach my 5 year old by sticking a sticker, if you write with your right hand, that is right. The other hand is left.
In Sarawak, we call this 350 miles river the mighty Rejang.  No comments on this one, except my Dad often use the term,haven't seen the big snake pee." You get the drift?
My pet peeve, Rubbish.
Finally, my student Peter Tang Ing Bing and a few other doctors operate this Rejang Medical Cnetre. Notice the name Rejang?

Had a lot of fun reminiscing.


Roger Owen Green said...

Those ROTTEN people!

ROG, ABC Wednesday team

Joy said...

The saying, "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" comes to mind but not in your Roosters case, LOL.
Great story.
Joy - ABC Team

Chubskulit Rose said...

Lots of roosters.

Rose, ABC Wednesday Team