Saturday, March 24, 2012

Photohunt: Spicy

After two or three generations in Malaysia and Singapore, Chinese people like me like spicy food so much that we don't have appetite if the food is not spicy/chilli hot.

I found from a Romanian friend L that she eats chilli as though it is a salad. She even beat me. The New Zealanders just stare at us. They say," You can say it is not spicy."

On Fridays, we have "munchies" at school, we are rostered to bring morning tea, could be sweet, could be savory.

Some one brought a platter with meat, cheese, snacks and these yellow chilli -capsicum cross. L took one, and demonstrated how to eat it. Just pop it in your mouth and bite a piece off. I took one, and did the same. As I said, it is is a cross, it isn't hot, until Pong!!!. Well, I am ex Malaysian Chinese, I can handle that.

But nobody else did. After morning tea, these two were left over. I took them home. Yesterday, I cooked some thin Chinese rice noodles with the very expensive dried thin prawns/shrimps that my girlfriend Lynn gave to me. I seldom use them because they are very expensive.

A week earlier, a facebook friend posted his noodle dish with this. So I thought I will do it too, before the dry prawns get mouldy.

I decorated the noodles with the spicy chilli-capsicum and spicy Thai pickled cherry tomato likealike chillis. Martin Yan would be pleased I used Napa cabbage too.

Bon appétit Sandi, may be I will invite myself to be your guest chef in your place.



rainfield61 said...

As an Asian, I love spicy.

Ginny Hartzler said...

So this is the dish you cooked, looks yummy! Really spicy things are good to clear your sinuses and help breathe!

Anonymous said...

looks yummy but i'm not into eating anything spicey :/

Leovi said...

Wonderful food, very tasty, delicious and pretty picture.

Sandi @the WhistleStop Cafe said...

You are welcome to cook in my kitchen anytime!
Thanks for spicing up the photohunt


Cheryl said...

What a delicious looking meal! I like spicy and hot and love to try new things.