Sunday, May 23, 2010

Ruby red: fire hose


Here's a fire hose with instructions in case of fire. Located outside a kindy in Auckland.


Chubskulit Rose said...

Great choice, summer will be a fire prevention month esp. in tropical countries.

Rajesh said...

Nice shots.

Jama said...

The colour red really grab your attention!

Lola said...

The red is really eye catching - very useful if there's a sudden fire!

Happy RT!

x LOLA:)

Hootin Anni said...

Excellent Ann.

My Ruby Tuesday. I do hope to see you drop by for a visit with me today.

Dimple said...

It's good to know these fire hoses are available!

It is funny, thinking of skunk cabbage and fruit salad together; but I'm sure that they would not be a good taste combination!

Thanks for visiting!

Unknown said...

very vivid, great choice for RT.

Stephanie V said...

I hope those kindy teachers can read the instructions. I think I'd just grab it and not think about reading, though.

Dar said...

Great 'fire' color...red hot

♥♥ Willa ♥♥ said...

Nice sets of photos for today's red.

Ruby Tuesday

George said...

These are great Ruby Red photos, but I hope the fire hoses never have to be used.

Robin said...

Nicely caught.

I've entered a major international photo competition (details are on my blog) and would be most grateful if you'd click through and rate my portfolio (just click on the stars at the bottom (preferably the 5th star - "fantastic" - LOL), easy peasy, no registration or personal details needed). Thanks so much!

Felisol said...

How reassuring that a fire hose is within reach in case of need.

Marice said...

cool captures :)

u may view mine here

Patti said...

Perfect find for Ruby Tuesday. Thanks for stopping by, Ann.

My daughter wants to teach, to answer your question. She needs more schooling though!

Carletta said...

Something we don't see here - great find!

Love the child's playground toy below. :)

Terry said...

dear ann...this ruby tuesday means so much to me.
you see dad golden was a fireman in the air force and we nine kids were so proud of him.
when bernie and i went out west to my beloved manitoba last year, we visited the deserted air force base. the government had closed it about thirty years ago.
all of the houses and even the old school house had been torn down but near the old fire hall sitting in the field was the beautiful red fire truck that dad golden had driven in so many years ago..now deserted and lonely,,we took many pictures of it.
later i will email you that post.
it is really quite a sight ann!
now i will have to look for your this weeks ruby tuesday..i couldn't find it...love terry