Sunday, May 30, 2010

Ruby Red: Red Head gear


For the whole of the first week of June, there is great celebration. It is Gawai or the Harvest festival. When Sarawak was a British colony, this was the Queen's birthday.

Here are the Indigenous men of Sarawak in their traditional dress.


Felisol said...

Some classy, beautiful suits and head garments. I don't think I have ever seen similar before.
As always, when proudly dressed, the people,- here the men,- will also behave like princes.
Pride and honor are in the air.
I wish you a happy celebration.

Jama said...

Any idea what's it called?

Dar said...

I need only come here, to learn something new and awe-inspiring. The traditional dress is interesting and wonderful to honor a celebration of harvest. Lovely.

Ruth said...

Such nice hats and smiles!

Hope it's warmed up a little.

Unknown said...

good looking costume!

reg said...

fantastic, and better very interesting and educational. Thank-you

nannykim said...

That sounds like fun!! Love the red hats!

my red post is on this blog:


Liz said...

Great looking costumes. Happy RT and WW!

My entries:
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EG CameraGirl said...

We celebrate the Queen's birthday in May!