Saturday, May 1, 2010

scenic sunday: save the cats

Cat photo courtesy appeal group.
Singapore is a nice and clean and orderly country. Yes, the word orderly is the right word. They even tell you how many children to have.

They don't tolerate disorder. When American teenager Michael Fay was caught tagging graffiti, he was jailed and caned.

I, who had lived in Canada and New Zealand, speak my mind. There fore the bureaucrats in Singapore do not like me when I was there as an expatriate wife. I stirred too much trouble.

The authorities wanted to cull stray cats. My friend J invited me to be a founding member of Cat Cafe. We rescued and continued to feed these stray cats. This week, I heard from J this news,
Received this urgent appeal from a contact.

13 kittens/cats at St. John's Island will be put down by AVA, Agri-Food & Veterinary Authority of Singapore (who has an office there) in a week's time. Such is the strong handed manner using a sledge hammer over a little nut.
Need urgent help for fosters and adoptors.

If you know of any individual/group/ society who can help these cats, or organise a spay program to end the breeding problem at the island,

St. John's Island
41ha, mangroves, coral reefs, rocky shores and natural sandy shores. Swimming, camping and chalets.
Uniquely Singapore! The reefs of St. John's Island are only 15 minutes from the city centre by fast boat! More about our city reefs.

St. John's Island houses several government facilities, but there are still portions of the island accessible to the public. There are also short stretches of natural shores that have some of the most exquisite corals and other reef life. These shores are rather delicate so please be gentle when visiting them. There is also a small patch of mangroves.

History of St. John's Island
A former quarantine station for leprosy cases and a penal settlement for political prisoners and ringleaders of secret societies.

St. John's island today
In recent times, the western end of the island hosts a $30million Marine Aquaculture Centre. This large hilly island also has swimming lagoons, beaches, picnic grounds, trekking routes and soccer fields.


cat said...

Oh poor cats! Good that someone cares about them.

Ah Ngao said...

oh...bad news.any SPCA around to adopt these cats? we got our SSPCA in Kuching.recently,i got the news they're going to get a new place becoz the present place cannot accommodates the increasing "inmates"(consisting mostly of abandoned or abused dogs and some cats).if i'm not wrong,a few years ago in singapore,there was a cat serial killer being caught by the police,eh?

rainfield61 said...

What a sad cat story.

Al said...

That's so sad. I love cats but my wife and kids are allergic, so I can't have them any more.

Linda Jacobs said...

I love the picture of all the cats and their various colored tails! Good for you for fighting for them!

Cheryl said...

Oh dear, I am so sorry about the cats, it breaks my heart. Wished I could give them all good homes. Thank you for taking such care of them and all you do for them to keep them fed.

alicesg said...

It is easy for people who stay in big country to say that. But if you live in a small country (like a dot on the world map). There's is not much space for us, let alone cats. Not that I dislike cats. But majority of Singaporeans live in HDB Flats where we cant keep cats due to space. In other countries, you can keep 10 to 20 cats in your big yard.

Even when we die, most of us need to be cremated.

Our people still loves animals but we need to keep them in control numbers as there is really no space. I am glad there are people like your group who help find homes for these cats that is people who really loves cats and have space for them.

alicesg said...

Just to clarify the above comment.

HDB flat owners are allowed small dogs but not cats cause cats can squeeze out of the window and climb to your neighbour's flat.

This would not be nice if your cat end up in your neighbour's flat if their kids have asthma and allergic to the cat's fur.

My son has asthma and that's the reason why I dont have cats or carpets as he is allergic to dust and furs.

Chubskulit Rose said...

Oh my lord, that's a lot of cats..

Burn.. Relieve.. Enjoy

PDX pride said...

I'm going to share your post with some of my cat rescue friends on Facebook. Maybe one or more of them can help. Thanks for taking care of them while you were there, and for your friend's continual work with them! Feral cats need all our help. We fed and did trap-neuter-return (trapping, altering, and then releasing back outside at the same place where they were captured) for ferals at our old house, and now feed and are slowly gaining the trust of a feral tuxedo cat outside where we currently live.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! No, my three black cats are not related by blood, but our current foster cat Little Bit is a biological half-sister to our Rori and a biological cousin to our Starla.