Saturday, May 8, 2010

Scienic Sunday: Mercy ships

Once I went to a cemetery where there were many babies and little children buried there. I only took this photo. The statues of two sad dogs, mama dog and papa dog huddling spoke to me. I didn't take other photos at that time as a sign of respect. I came home and wrote this poem. It is not the best poem, but it is written from my heart.

Mercy ship to Africa, photo courtesy their website.


Just before going to bed last night, I read my local newspaper and this headline "Suffering mothers in need of help" screamed for my attention.

I read there is a campaign encouraging women who had lost a child to help other bereaved mums. I screamed back.

"That's me, I lost my son/baby 20 years ago, and I have moved on. I am passionate in writing on this topic and how can I help?"

I went to bed happy. This is my personal gift to mums, specifically bereaved mums. In your heart, you are a mum to that little angel, especially when the world might have forgotten, You haven't.

I did a bit of research and emailed them. It will be interesting to see how I can help. I can't physically go to Africa, but I can be there virtually.
Mercy Ships fleet
Since 1978, the Mercy Ships fleet has served in more than 70 port areas around the world. Into an ocean of need, dedicated volunteers representing over 50 nations bring together their wide-ranging skills to make a lasting difference.

Mercy Ships uses hospital ships with multi-national crew and staff to bring world-class medical assistance and long-term sustainable development to some of the world’s poorest regions. Land-based teams and projects supplement the work of the ships.


A ship crewed by doctors, teachers, water engineers and agriculturalists visiting some of the world’s poorest cities. Now imagine their life-changing services offered free of charge…

Right now the Mercy Ship is crewed by volunteers from around the world and is bringing hope and healing to hundreds of thousands of people who could never have believed it possible.

Welcome to Mercy Ships, a compassionate response to a world where many have lost hope.


rainfield61 said...

There are good people everywhere, though there are bad as well.

Happy Sunday, and Happy Mother's Day to you.

And hope this is not the only day we recognize our mother.

EG CameraGirl said...

I'm so sorry you lost a child, Ann, but I am glad you have been able to move on. I am sure you can be a great help to other mothers who have lost a child.

Cheryl said...

I am so very sorry that you lost a child. I think its wonderful that you reached out to others with an offer to help.

Tussy said...

They look sad, and i'm so sorry that you lost a child.

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Tania said...

So sad.. I`m sure that you can be a good help! You have a good heart;-) Hugs from Tania

Unknown said...

Ann, Sorry to hear that you lost yr son. I haven't heard of Mercy Ship, so thank you for sharing. Glad that there are many good people in the world who wants to help others.

Vicki said...

Helping others deal with the pain you have experienced is a wonderful thing.

This Is My Blog - fishing guy said...

Ann: So sad to hear of the loss, it is good to write of pain and allow for healing to come into your heart.

LifeRamblings said...

sorry for the loss of your child. it's good that you share your experiences and you're able to move on.

Felisol said...

I too am sorry for your loss.
Our family knew this dear old lady, who lost her only son at the age of 6 month.
She was past ninety when she died, she never forgot her "Little Boy", as she called him.
She was a great foster Mom to a psychical challenged boy, and also particularly kind to children, whereever she met them.
Like she in a special way was able to level with children. Her loss grew into pearls for so many.

Eden said...

Hi, Ann!

I am so sorry to hear for your loss. It is a great feeling being able to help others. Thank you for sharing about this Mercy ship.This is my first time to hear about it.

Our days here are not that cold yet, but the nights are colder now.

Have a great week!

diane b said...

The doggies are cute. Sorry to hear about the loss of your son and I am glad that you can help others.

Kcalpesh said...

Nice dedication! Touching Post!

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