Saturday, May 29, 2010

scenic sunday: Elephant House.


Our Zoo is located next to Western Springs park. There is a little hill I could climb up and look at this part of the zoo. The rotunda building houses the elephant. We can't see the elephants and lions from out here, but you can hear them. One of the elephants, Kashim died and they are wondering if they should ship the remaining one, Burma to another zoo. The children are very sad of course.


Kim said...

Hi Ann,

Thanks for the post on my Scenic Sunday. I posted a reply to your questions. =)

How sad about the elephants...it must be fun to peek over at the zoo now and then though!!!

Anonymous said...

Our local zoo is not much of an excitement. Sub-standard.

Joe Todd said...

I haven't been to a zoo in a long time.I have some answers to your question about "Happy Memorial Day" in comments section on my blog. Very good question made some people think

Eden said...

I am planning to take the kids to the Zoo next school holiday. They really want to see the newborn baby elephant.How nice you live close by to the Zoo even you can't see them but I think it is fun to hear their noises all the time