Monday, April 20, 2009

skywatch: From a plane looking down some Australian Islands

For skywatch@Friday. 

The water engineer took this photo on one of his work assignments to Queensland Australia while flying to a remote place. There are many islands with pristine white sand.

Once he bought some sand for Sam's sandpit. They were white and powderly. http://annkschin.blogspot.com/2008/11/popular-tourist-place-in-singapore.html, Sam had the best sandpit in NTU.


Bitsa Lit said...

it looks like you could just pick up the clouds and eat them like mini marshmellows! YUMMY!

alicesg said...

Lovely view from the plane. I also love to take photos from the plane if I have window seats. In replying to your query about the condominium at Jurong Point, they were above the new extension of Jurong Point. You can see my reply to you in my blog. Thanks for visiting.:)

RA said...

The clouds are always a lovely piece of art, don't you think. I would love to be friends :). I'm living at the border of Jakarta. Have a great day, Ann.