Friday, April 24, 2009

Papua New Guinea: Traditional houses

The water engineer had a canoe ride up the Sepik River , which is 700 km from river mouth – 3oom wide or more. He saw on the river bank, houses of the Papua New Guinea river tribe.

The houses are on stilts, and is similar to the tribes in Borneo, except in Borneo, they have long houses.



Bitsa Lit said...

that is so cool! the stilts are for flooding so the houses arent destroyed? there is so much that 'modern' architects and other such people can learn by going back to their roots and going back to the people of the land. Here the Saint John river floods and there are houses that have been built in the flood plains...which is obveouslu a dumb thing to do. and no matter how good the basement is made to be, water is going to flood it. This problem could easily be fixed if the houses were elevated even by 2 feet.
Realy Great Post! :)

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This is simply beautiful. A beautiful blog and what a story. I'm definately going to have to follow you, lol.
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