Saturday, April 25, 2009

Hunua Falls

In the past, I used to moan and groan when the water engineer  drove miles and miles to see some structure of engineering interests. Five years into our marriage, we met a son of an engineer, he "passionately" talked about how he hated to be dragged to such places. I stopped complaining and just went with him. If I didn't like the place, I just sat in the car grudgingly. Five years ago, I met this long suffering engineer's wife. What did she say about their holidays?  I just LOL and play Sudoku in the car if I didn't like to go.

However, since I started blogging, I am grateful for his photos. In fact, now, it is the water engineer's turn to be patient while I snapped away.

This is a fall south of Auckland. Called Hunua falls and people have water play and there are eels. There is a cave near by, but it was towards the end of our trip. I didn't venture inside.

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Lew said...

Beautiful waterfall! And I enjoyed your other recent photos of Aukland. I saw your comment on Patty's blog. Yes there is a Frederick in Maryland. We are about 200 miles northwest of Patty's Crisfield, northwest of Washington, DC.