Monday, April 20, 2009

Pigeons at Potters Park.

We had a lot of buns that Sam reckon was passed their use by date, so we went to Potters park where twenty years ago, I used to take his sisters D and G to play in the park and feed the pigeons. The pigeon population has grown and when we first arrived at the park, the pigeons were about 100 meters away.
Even before Sam opened his plastic bag of buns, they flew towards us. It was like a zillion pigeons have come to attack us and it was quite frightening. I actually bend down to make myself very small and had my hands to protect my head.
You probably would LOL if you saw us. I told Sam it was like a Harry Potter movie. The Pun? Harry Potter in Potter's park?
When they started eating, they were quite docile. Only the sea gulls were more vicious.


Bitsa Lit said...

LOL! Nice pun! that made me smile!
We have pideons and seagulls here too and kids love to go to king square and feed them..but the gulls are realy vicious for their food...and they pay you back by pooing on your head lol!

Baruch said...

Now that is one park I haven't been to yet :)

betty-NZ said...

That reminds me of ngatea water gardens! The birds are gentle, but they know what the sound of feed bags sounds like!! http://www.ngateawatergardens.co.nz/