Saturday, April 25, 2009


We are really lucky to have mild weather and sea all round us. We go to the beach even in Winter even if we have to bundle up in warm clothing. Two weeks ago, we went to four beaches on the same day.

Here is Awhitu peninsula where we spent a quiet Christmas holiday at the beach and horse riding. The farmer's daughter and daughter in law came up with the concept of opening up his farm for people for horse riding through his rolling farm and buy their organic herbs. We had afternoon tea on the beach, and he showed how the land had been eroded. Where it was farm land when he was a boy was now part of the sea.

There is a tranquil park with safe sandy beaches lies tucked inside the southern headland of the Manukau Harbour on Auckland's west coast.

We drove to a viewing platform at the signal station and lookout. From 244 metres above the sea you can enjoy a bird's-eye view of the harbour entrance with its turbulent waters and ever-shifting sand bars.

Awhitu Peninsula is about 80 minutes drive south and then west from the centre of Auckland.

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