Friday, April 24, 2009

Sam the giant

Following the pun, Harry Potter in Potter's park, some one casted a spell. They either made Sam a giant or they shrunked a house.

We found this tiny model of a house at Potter's park. On the ground, it has inscription of Haere Mai, or welcome to the Pah. It is made of solid material. A Pah is a fort in Maori.

You have tolook carefully, otherwise you will miss it. The man I asked told me that the house was there a long time ago. Kiwis are very friendly. Today, two men spoke to me and I learn something new everyday.

To Baruch of http://awalkthroughauckland.blogspot.com/ Potter's Park is at the junction of Dominion Road and Balmoral Road.


XUE said...

How lovely! Stumbling across such a cute house like that! I love miniature anything!

Reader Wil said...

Is Sam your son? He must have enjoyed being in Potter's Park. New Zealand is great, isn't it?!
Your story about the fish was sad, wasn't it? Our neighbours were looking after our 19 year old cat. They were very good to him, but during our absence he died, and they were heartbroken, even if we said that they had done so much for him. Now I don't have pets anymore.Have a great weekend!

aurbie said...

That is so cute!