Monday, April 20, 2009

Plastic! Plastic! Plastic!

These photos were taken at Walker Park . I took my students to this nature reserve park where we were to " take nothing, and leave nothing." I let my students to draw their own conclusions about these rubbish and what their effects will impact on our envirnoment. They have a lot of knowledge and imagination about how the bottles and bags will kill the whales.
Our biggest supermarket chain and a giant retailer have taken steps against the plastic war to charge customers for the plastic bags. Some more extreme advocates are protesting other supermarkets to do the same. People interviewed are indifferent.
An extreme group even suggested burning the bags as fuel. 
I doubt if burning all these chemical laden bags will be accepted. I did, a long time ago, visit a plastic bag factory. They showed me how little granules twice the size of sugar can be melted to a liquid glue like substance, and at the end of the chain become plastic sheet and then made into plastic bags. I wonder, if the process could be reversed, and the bags be reverted to those granules and remade into bags again. If men can go to the moon, surely they can solve a simple thing like plastic recycling.
In my other blog, I have written quite passionately about rubbish and plastic bags. While I am against littering, I do use the plastic bags to line my rubbish bins before I throw them out to my once a week emptied wheely. I also get involved in zero waste rubbish recycling. 


XUE said...

My children actually picks up trash in nature parks!!! They want to be Park Rangers in summer, when they grow up. And everyone knows a good Park Ranger will help make the parks safe for animals & nature. In winter, they want to be ski instructors.

RA said...

These plastic bags have become a great issue. You can see them almost everywhere. It's good to teach our children to be more concerned about the environment. Hopefully they will not follow these same footsteps.

Bitsa Lit said...

I hate litter...its bad here too! I think that if governments created a litter tax and taxed grocery stores and chains for using plastic, the option to litter plastic bags would not exist.
Despite my hate for plastic bags, i do use them quite often to 'clean up after the dog'...*cough* gross. at least they have one good use.