Sunday, April 26, 2009

New Zealand: Sky diving

You may say New Zealand has a lot of dare devils. My daughter G who bungy jumped at sixteen went sky diving in Taupo two weeks ago.
I wonder why they painted the plane like a wide mouth shark? Was it to make the divers feel more invinsible? That they entered the belly of the yellow shark and jumped out alive.
Summer here is winter in the Northern Hemisphere.  Another post for you. Seethroughgreen 


Glennis said...

Your daughter is very brave, I could never jump from a plane under any circumstances. I am just a sacredy cat over heights.
I am sad to hear you have been feeling unwell since getting your flu jab, as I am booked in to get mine on Thursday. I have actually already had the flu - not a cold, it was the flu, but it is still advisable to have the old jab, not that it will help if swine flu makes it here.
I am an old skeptic but I remember when the bird flu was supposed to be arriving, the government or medical people all stocked up with masses of tami flu vaccine and they still have it, so a swine flu worry will be just great to use it up! But it is a worry should it really turn into a major epidemic all the elderly and frail will cop it badly.

RA said...

Wow, that's very daring! I find it awesome you let her do it. I think I would struggle with that ;). But my husband would agree right away. We need the courage to face life. Have a great week, Ann :)