Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Count your blessings

Today is early autumn, but Jack turned up early, and did his dusting in parts of New Zealand. He brought the mercury down to 6 degrees and I didn't feel like going out as my nose is still stuffed up from the flu vaccination. But I had to, I had to cook something for a pot luck Easter Dinner tonight. I am glad I have a car.
It was pouring and the sky was grey. I offered to send some elderly people home from the supermarket.
They must be in the 80s. The old man had a walker. They said they lived just near by and could take the bus and then walk. Other well meaning couple told them to take up my offer.

The old man's walker was faulty, and couldn't be collapsed, so I could only take the man and woman back but they didn't know exactly their address. We got lost. I stopped by a diary to ask for directions. To make matters worse, the dairy owner said there was no such road nearby.

The woman told me the man feels depressed and feels confined at home, and wants to go out. I was the second person who had taken them home. The first time, he fell, and someone got an ambulance to take him home.
They were very grateful, and invited me in, but I couldn't stay. The driveway is slopey, and had puddles, so it is not easy to walk. I had to hold his hand as he walked with a cane.
I saw her chillis, she plucked a whole lot. She said that they were special chillis.They are about two inches big. They looked like capsicums to me, but she said they were very hot. They will keep my heart warm on such cold days.
I probably won't see them again.
Happy Easter Everyone.


Corner Gardener Sue said...

Hi Ann, I came here to post a comment on your SkyWatch post, but it must just be on their site. I left a comment there, too.

I enjoyed looking at your blog, and this post was sad, but heart-warming. It sounds like you enjoyed the peppers.

Happy Easter!


Barb said...

Hello Ann,
Visiting you from Sky Watch - lovely snow pictures. My husband and I vacationed in NZ several years ago - one of our favorite places. I have no doubt that you will be helped someday just as you so wonderfully went out of your way to help the elderly couple.

RA said...

Hi, Ann! Congrats for being today's SkyWatch Friday guest. You have sent some impressive photos. I can see from your post that you are a very kind-hearted woman. Nowadays, a lot of people wouldn't even care about this old couple. Bless you :)

Joy0z said...

You have a marvelous Skywatch entry. Great job. Great post here as well. Have a blessed Good Friday.

Glennis said...

I also came to comment on your wonderful mountain photos in Sky watch, but now I must say you have truly done your good deed for the day, have a blessed Easter.